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Best Productivity Devices for Your Office

As busy people, managers and trainers can always use extra help to be more productive. These productivity tech devices for work will help you make the most out of every minute in those eight hour days. So let’s not waste anymore of that precious time and get started!

reMarkable- The Paper Tablet

This tablet not only matches our name it really is remarkable! The reMarkable tablet gives you the ability to take notes and have them not just saved like other devices but also have it converted to typed text! No more impersonal typing in meetings. You can create charts, take notes, draw pictures, pretty much whatever your little heart desires and have it transferred to our computer. Just think of all the time you waste typing up meeting notes or having someone else do them. Or all those notes you end up losing because they were on a random sticky note.

iCODIS Mini Projector

So as manager, trainers, and professionals we attend a lot of meetings. I mean sometimes we have meetings to plan our meetings! When we have meetings that we need to present information to a group of people often times we use projectors which often are big and bulky. The traditional projector is difficult to carry around and get working. That all has changed with the new mini projectors. This baby has a rechargeable battery so it is portable. You can connect your phone, tablet, and laptops to it. All in the size that can fit in your backpack or purse. I mean, please just get here already right?


Many managers and other professionals have jobs were we need to work where ever we are. Are you working from a coffee shop today but worried about how secure the network is? I’m sure it isn’t news to you that it isn’t secure. But no worries the microrouter is here! You can connect this router to your laptop and have a secure VPN for safe web browsing. Now you can work productively where ever you want and not have to worry about the security of the network. You’re welcome!

Catchbox Pro 

We have all been in meetings where there are so many people that it feels like we can’t talk. Where only a few key people talk because people can’t hear each other. It is terrible and it makes people feel less important than others. The Catchbox has changed that with its built-in microphone and speaker combo. Not only will it amplify your voice but you can also toss it around the room. This box can help your meetings be more inclusive and also can be a good team building product. The other cool thing about it is that they also offer a personalized option for this product. You can get your company logo on the sides. This would be a really good investment for any manager or trainer that runs large meetings.

eBeam Smartmarker (Complete Set)

We all love the flexibility of a whiteboard, having the ability to write and draw in a variety of different situations. Meetings and training would not be the same without the whiteboard. The only downfall of this method of leading training or meeting is that once you erase the information it is gone unless you have a scribe writing everything down and let’s be honest that rarely happens. So the eBeam Smartmarker is pretty amazing in that it fixes that problem. The eBeam will record and save any information that you put on a whiteboard digitally. You can use your favorite dry erase markers and then have the notes from your presentation. You will be able to capture those notes and share them to whoever you please! Amazing right? Talk about being productive!

Luxafor Flag

A part about my history is I worked as a Crisis Hotline worker. One of the troubles with this job is that often times it is challenging for co-workers to see if you are talking to someone or not. This piece of equipment would be amazing for this kind of work. Also, it would be a good product to have it you constantly getting interrupted in your work. The Luxafor Flag is an item that you attach to your computer, it changes color to show if you are busy or available. This can be your new productivity device. Stop people from interrupting you when you are in the middle of an important project.

Wireless Thumb Drive

As a manager, I am organized but I know that I am not the only one that has frantically searched at the bottom of my purse for my flash drive. Well, guess what those days are over! You can now connect to all of your files on your thumb dive wirelessly! Yup, I know pretty dang cool. Look like the most put together person in the room when you pull up your files with a couple of clicks.

Doxie Go Portable Scanner

Having the ability to have a portable office can be extremely beneficial. Sometimes our jobs require us to work in various locations. Other times we just need a change of scenery. This portable scanner gives you the freedom to upload documents to your computer instantaneously. Have a client that needs to sign something and then you need it on their digital file? No problem. Have photos that need to be uploaded to your website that is in hard copy. Yup, you can do that too. Rechargeable and is reported to have amazing software along with it. That’s why it is an amazing option for productivity devices for mangers. Enjoy!

TimeFlip Magnet

So we all know how much of a struggle it can be to keep ourselves accountable for the amount of time we are actually working. We stop and go, switch tasks and take coffee breaks regularly but out much time do we actually spend working on projects? Well, now you can track it! The TimeFlip is a device that will help you track how much time you spend doing each activity you pick on your TimeFlip. Then you can log on to the app and see the areas that you could improve in your time management. Keep yourself accountable and really know how much or how little you are working 😉

Meeting Owl 360 Degree Video Conference Camera

When we are in a conference call how many of you have had to crame all your heads into the camera’s view. Or log on in all separate devices just to join the conversation comfortably? Now you can get the Meeting Owl which is a 360-degree camera. If you have a conference meeting you can have this piece of amazingness that automatically moves and switches focus when the people that are talking switch. Now not only can everyone in the room hear what is going on but so can everyone conferencing in!

Sarah Brock

Sarah Brock is the founder of Unremarkably Remarkable. She is a wife, mom, trainer, healthcare advocate, writer, and editor.

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